Meet Our Team

As independent financial advisors, we take great pride in our freedom of thought when it comes to investment selection and investment philosophy. Our integrative approach enables us to work with our clients and for our clients. Our business is built upon the following bedrock beliefs, and everyone who works at Legacy Financial Group embodies these beliefs. We do not see them as words on a page, but descriptors of the way we conduct business and live our lives.

Trust: Our clients and colleagues can count on the fact that we aim to do the right thing by them. We seek to make choices that are in their best interests and we earn this trust through demonstration.

Excellence: We commit to our clients and each other, to offer the very best we have to give and to continue to improve everyday.

Service: Stated very simply and clearly and clearly; human beings are built to give. In serving other people and each other, we find deep meaning and fulfillment.

Happiness: We believe having a company that projects good feelings, positive energy, and smiling faces is good business and helps us attract good things into the lives of our clients.

Balance: We do not believe in separating our personal lives from the work we do. This creates an environment that is relaxed, yet intensely focused on results at the same time. We believe this kind of balance helps our clients pursue the life they want.

Headshot of Brian Hood, CFP®caricature of Brian Hood, CFP®

Brian Hood, CFP®

Partner & Financial Advisor

Headshot of Bill Elson, CFP®caricature of Bill Elson, CFP®

Bill Elson, CFP®

Partner & Financial Advisor

Headshot of Rachel Wood, CFP®, AIF®caricature of Rachel Wood, CFP®, AIF®

Rachel Wood, CFP®, AIF®

Partner & Financial Advisor

Headshot of Tamara Smith, CDFA®caricature of Tamara Smith, CDFA®

Tamara Smith, CDFA®

Financial Advisor

Headshot of Chad Terry, CFP®, APMA®caricature of Chad Terry, CFP®, APMA®

Chad Terry, CFP®, APMA®

Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Andrew Smithsoncaricature of Andrew Smithson

Andrew Smithson

Systems and Finance Manager

Headshot of Jodi Baker, FPQP®caricature of Jodi Baker, FPQP®

Jodi Baker, FPQP®

Client Service Leader & Senior Paraplanner

Headshot of Jenny Lough, FPQP®caricature of Jenny Lough, FPQP®

Jenny Lough, FPQP®

Relationship Manager

Headshot of Tony Genslercaricature of Tony Gensler

Tony Gensler

Relationship Manager

Headshot of Katie Albrecht, MBA, FPQP®caricature of Katie Albrecht, MBA, FPQP®

Katie Albrecht, MBA, FPQP®

Relationship Service Specialist

Headshot of Miranda Blocher, FPQP®caricature of Miranda Blocher, FPQP®

Miranda Blocher, FPQP®

Relationship Service Specialist

Headshot of Dawn Higdaycaricature of Dawn Higday

Dawn Higday

Client Services Specialist

Headshot of Emily Burk

Emily Burk

Client Service Specialist

Headshot of Skylar Muellercaricature of Skylar Mueller

Skylar Mueller

Client Experience Specialist

Headshot of Abby Freiburgercaricature of Abby Freiburger

Abby Freiburger

Client Experience Specialist