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Financial Well-Being for Your
Employees Makes Good Business Sense

Financial Wellness for Your Employees

Research shows a direct link between workers’ financial stability, productivity and performance at work. Money worries affect every part of the lives of your employees — including relationships, focus, safety, and their physical health. In turn, there is a direct impact on your bottom line through increased benefit claims and premiums, and reduced productivity.

How Legacy Can Help

We encourage you to step outside of your retirement plan and choose a program that can meet the needs of a wide variety of people and offer independent perspectives for your employees. We will bring our experience to the classroom, offering a complete program to tackle real-life financial concerns.

Details: Programs are offered at your location for groups of 12 or more. A nominal workshop fee covers cost of registration and materials. Cost sharing is encouraged. Couples may attend and share registration.

Legacy has been conducting financial education in the workplace for over 25 years. Our goal is to help your employees gain a better understanding of their financial concerns and answer any questions they may have.


Short Presentations

Designed for a 45- to 60-minute session. Also can help assess your employees’ interest in a workshop series.

7 Barriers to My Financial Future

This program offers tips and resources to help employees move around their financial roadblocks. Optional one-on-one meetings with the presenter allow employees to focus on their goals and action steps.

My Financial Life: Money Matters

Help your employees take their money more seriously. We’ll explore money concepts that serve as building blocks for a strong financial future – such as spending plans (budgets), emergency funds, eliminating debt, and saving for the future.


Engaging instruction is delivered in multiple sessions, on site at your organization. One-on-one consultations with a Legacy advisor, along with optional access to an online financial tool, help attendees to gain confidence and understanding about what they need to do.

My Financial Life:

For those ready to take more control of their financial life, this workshop offers the financial education tools and resources to help strengthen skills in key areas of personal finance: risk management, cash flow, investment concepts, tax management, estate conservation, and retirement planning.

Retirement Ready:

Geared toward those within 10 years of retirement, employees gain confidence and a better understanding of choices—what choices they make today may impact their retirement, and what choices they make at retirement may impact them for the rest for their lives.

Did You Know?

Icon $1900+

estimated per employee, per year, in increased absenteeism and lower productivity attributed to financial stress*

Icon 59%

of employees say that finances or money matters/challenges are their top cause of stress.

Icon 57%

of employees want help with their personal finances. An additional 31% want specific advice.

Icon 49%

of employees say they find it difficult to meet household expenses on time each month.

Source: PwC’s 8th annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey, PwC US, 2019 * John Hancock Financial Stress Survey, 2019

Financial Wellness for Executives

Executives often have the same questions, they just come with a bigger dollar sign. They may also have access to special benefits that may be underutilized. Often presented as “By Special Invitation Only” and in a 1.5 hour time frame, the programs begin with a market update, then move into a financial planning topic. One-on-one time is also offered. Presented on a regular basis, programs may be customized for your company.


Additional Services

One-on-one visits: Offered in a private meeting area, employees can ask questions, and receive help with goals and action steps beyond the company retirement plan.

Wellness fairs: We’re happy to bring a financial component to your wellness or well-being fair.

Phase I – Education Programs

We offer our 1.5 hour program to your staff—onsite in a convenient location. We start off with an update of market performance and our insights. Then we bring a special topic to the table for explanation and discussion.

Phase II – The Personal Connection

Included are private, 1-on-1 meetings with our advisers to make certain personal questions are answered, and to offer assistance in retirement readiness, goal setting, and action steps. Executives are also offered access to their own personal website, a place to gather all things financial in one place, which encourages big-picture planning.

“We spend most of our adult lives coping with financial matters, yet we receive virtually no formal instruction to prepare us for the challenges.”