Headshot of Miranda Blocher, FPQP®

Miranda Blocher, FPQP®

Relationship Service Specialist

Meet Miranda, a bright addition to the Legacy Financial Group family who embarked on her journey with us in September 2021 as a Client Experience Specialist. Just a few months prior to joining the team, Miranda proudly graduated from Iowa State University, marking the beginning of her professional career.

Miranda’s innate talent for customer service made her a natural fit for our team. Her positive and eager attitude has been a refreshing and welcome presence throughout her first year with us.

Beyond her professional life, Miranda’s personal interests offer a glimpse into her vibrant personality. She’s a devoted cat mom to two feline companions who undoubtedly bring joy and warmth to her home. In her leisure time, she indulges her passion for baking, with a particular fondness for creating delectable pies and hearty bread. Her culinary talents add a touch of comfort and deliciousness to her life and those around her.

In 2021, Miranda celebrated a significant milestone in her life as she exchanged vows with her husband, Jake. Their love story led them to a dreamy honeymoon in Palm Springs, where they enjoyed one of Miranda’s favorite pastimes: golfing. This shared interest surely adds a touch of adventure to their relationship.

In summary, Miranda’s journey at Legacy Financial Group is marked by her unwavering dedication to providing exceptional client experiences and her commitment to growth and positivity. Her diverse interests, culinary talents, and love for her feline companions showcase the many dimensions of her vibrant personality. As she continues her career and life’s adventures, Miranda undoubtedly brightens the lives of those around her.