Headshot of Skylar Mueller

Skylar Mueller

Client Experience Specialist

Skylar joined our team in July of 2023, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and a diverse set of experiences. With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Western Illinois University, Skylar has demonstrated a strong academic foundation that translates seamlessly into their professional life.

Prior to joining our company, Skylar excelled in Retail Management and Customer Service roles, where their leadership skills, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction set them apart. Skylar’s ability to manage and inspire teams is a testament to their dedication to achieving excellence.

Outside the workplace, Skylar’s passions come to life. She is an avid music enthusiast, with a particular fondness for live shows and vinyl collecting. This love for music isn’t just a hobby; it’s a deep-rooted passion that adds vibrancy to their life. When not grooving to tunes, Skylar can be found at the gym, lifting weights, and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Skylar’s personal life is equally fulfilling, as they share their time with their fiancé, Ben, and their lovable corgi companion, Hank. The trio enjoys making cherished memories together, whether it’s through traveling or simply spending quality time at home. Skylar’s strong family bonds are exemplified by their dedication to attending their dad’s band performances whenever possible, nurturing a sense of connection and support.

Skylar’s blend of academic achievement, professional experience, and vibrant personal interests makes them a valuable asset to our team. Their dedication, passion for music, commitment to health, and strong family ties all contribute to their well-rounded character, enriching our workplace with diversity and vitality. We’re excited to have Skylar as part of our team, contributing her skillset and perspective to our collective success.