Headshot of Katie Albrecht, MBA, FPQP®

Katie Albrecht, MBA, FPQP®

Client Services Specialist

Meet Katie, a dedicated professional whose journey at Legacy Financial Group showcases her unwavering commitment to growth and excellence. Starting her tenure in 2021 as a receptionist, Katie’s relentless drive propelled her to a well-deserved promotion to Client Services Specialist by the beginning of 2022.

Katie’s career path has been marked by a strong foundation in customer service, encompassing various industries. While the financial world presented new challenges, she embraced them with enthusiasm and determination. Her steadfast desire to learn and her remarkable work ethic were evident when she pursued her MBA in 2009 from Iowa State University, all while maintaining a full-time job. This achievement speaks volumes about her ability to overcome challenges and excel in her pursuits.

To deepen her understanding of the financial industry, Katie pursued and earned her FPQP® (Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional) certification, underscoring her commitment to delivering the highest level of service and expertise to her clients.

Beyond her professional life, Katie’s interests are as diverse as her career achievements. She finds solace in the world of literature, with a particular affinity for suspense and thriller novels. Movie nights are another cherished pastime, and she enjoys the thrill of a captivating storyline on the silver screen. Her creative side comes to life through paper crafting, where she transforms simple materials into works of art.

Katie’s heart belongs to her beloved Cyclones, and she passionately cheers on her favorite team. As a dedicated Disney princess fan, she holds Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” close to her heart, collecting memorabilia to celebrate the enchanting tale.

In her personal life, Katie shares her journey with her husband, Shane, and together they embrace the joys and challenges of parenting two high schoolers. Their oldest, a recent college graduate residing in Cedar Falls, adds another layer of pride and accomplishment to their family dynamic.

In summary, Katie’s career progression at Legacy Financial Group is a testament to her unwavering dedication to personal and professional growth. Her love for learning, diverse interests, and commitment to excellence make her a valuable asset to both her clients and her team, while her roles as a parent and Disney enthusiast showcase the many facets of her vibrant personality.