Headshot of Andrew Smithson

Andrew Smithson

Systems and Finance Manager

Meet Andrew, a seasoned entrepreneur and prominent business leader who has made a lasting impact on central Iowa’s business landscape for over 15 years. In 2019, he brought his wealth of experience and technical prowess to the Legacy team, assuming the role of Systems & Finance Manager.

Andrew’s tenure at Legacy has been characterized by remarkable advancements in all things technology-related. When challenges arise, Andrew is the go-to person with a knack for providing innovative strategies and the answers to complex tech questions.

Beyond his contributions at Legacy, Andrew is a dynamic force in his community. He actively engages in leadership roles and generously volunteers his time with the Ankeny Izaak Walton League, demonstrating his commitment to environmental stewardship and community development. His passion for entrepreneurship shines through as he serves as a small business mentor, guiding aspiring entrepreneurs towards success.

Andrew’s dedication extends to the world of scholastic shooting sports, where he has been a coach, helping young athletes develop their skills and sportsmanship. He’s also an enthusiastic member of the U.S. Practical Shooting Association, where his passion for competitive shooting thrives.

In his personal life, Andrew shares a fulfilling journey with his wife, Lisa, in their home just north of Des Moines. Their love is a testament to their beautiful family, which includes seven children and an impressive 15 grandchildren. Family gatherings must be a true spectacle, filled with love and joy.

In summary, Andrew’s role at Legacy and his contributions to the central Iowa community showcase his remarkable talent for innovation and problem-solving. He’s not just a technology whiz; he’s also a community leader, mentor, and a devoted family man who makes a positive impact on every aspect of his life and those around him.