Headshot of Abby Freiburger

Abby Freiburger

Client Experience Specialist

Abby is a dynamic and enthusiastic professional who embarked on her journey with Legacy on July 31st, 2023. With a passion for organization, attention to detail, and a dedication to exceptional service, Abby serves as a vital member of our team in her role as a Front Office Assistant.

Her journey to Legacy began following her graduation in May 2023 from the prestigious University of Iowa, where she majored in political science. Abby’s academic background reflects her commitment to understanding complex issues and finding innovative solutions, qualities that undoubtedly contribute to her effectiveness in her current role.

Beyond her professional achievements, Abby is a devoted pet parent to her beloved cat, Zavina, and she recently celebrated a significant personal milestone—getting engaged on July 3rd, marking over eight years of love and companionship. Together, Abby and her partner share a passion for music and culinary exploration, frequently indulging in diverse cuisines while enjoying the sounds of their favorite tunes.

Abby’s commitment to a balanced and healthy lifestyle is evident through her dedication to fitness, which includes regular workouts and yoga sessions. In her downtime, she also finds solace in the pages of nonfiction books, fueling her curiosity and broadening her knowledge horizons.

With her academic achievements, professional prowess, and vibrant personal life, Abby embodies the values of Legacy and is a valuable asset to our team. Her positive energy, dedication, and ability to find harmony in her diverse interests make her a standout colleague and a true asset to the organization.