Headshot of Emily Burk

Emily Burk

Client Service Specialist

Emily is a dedicated and collaborative professional with a strong background in finance, accounting, and extensive experience in customer service. After graduating from UNI in 2022 with a degree in business teaching, her journey into her role at Legacy began after she realized teaching was not the right fit for her.

With several years in customer service roles, Emily excels in delivering exceptional client experiences and resolving inquiries efficiently. Her outstanding customer service skills allow her to provide tailored solutions that exceed client expectations, which plays a vital role in her position as a Client Services Specialist.

Outside of work, Emily finds fulfillment in various interests and activities. An avid reader, she enjoys exploring diverse genres and authors to broaden her perspectives. Emily treasures her time outdoors, often taking leisurely walks with her loyal canine companion, Buffy, who brings so much joy to her and her entire family.

Emily is also a dedicated supporter of the Kansas City Chiefs and Iowa State Cyclones, enthusiastically following their games. She is always excited to cheer them on, which complements her active lifestyle.

In her downtime, Emily prioritizes quality time with her friends and family, nurturing meaningful connections and creating lasting memories. She believes in maintaining a balanced approach to life, blending her professional achievements with personal interests.