Headshot of Jenny Lough, FPQP®

Jenny Lough, FPQP®

Relationship Manager

Meet Jenny Lough, a warm and welcoming addition to the Legacy Financial Group team since September 2021. With years of experience in the retail and customer service industry, Jenny brings a genuine passion for serving others to her role, and her smiling face is a bright asset to everyone who enters our doors.

Jenny’s adventurous spirit shines through her recent accomplishment in July when she embarked on an incredible journey, cycling the full RAGBRAI route, covering hundreds of miles across our beautiful state. Her determination and love for outdoor activities are truly inspiring.

When she’s not conquering cycling challenges, Jenny enjoys indulging her creative side by crafting her own pottery, sculpting unique pieces of art that reflect her personality and creativity. In addition to her artistic talents, she’s a skilled baker who creates mouthwatering cookies that are sure to delight the taste buds of family and friends.

Jenny’s life is enriched by her loving husband, Tanner, and their Goldendoodle companion, Macy. Together, they share precious moments, whether it’s exploring new adventures, enjoying the art of pottery, or simply cherishing the joys of home.

In summary, Jenny’s journey at Legacy Financial Group is marked by her dedication to providing exceptional service to all who cross her path. Her adventurous spirit, creative talents, and love for furry companions add depth to her vibrant personality, making her a valuable and beloved member of the Legacy family.