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Tamara Smith – Empowering Divorce Clients: Introducing My Services as a Financial Advisor

As a mother striving to provide a comfortable life for my children, my perspective on wealth has evolved over the years. While my initial goal was to build financial security for my family, I now find myself contemplating the importance of instilling solid financial knowledge in my kids. As my son approaches the threshold of adulthood and prepares to leave the nest, I am reminded of the pivotal role mothers play in shaping their children’s relationship with money.

Divorce can be an incredibly challenging and emotional process, especially when it comes to the financial aspects. As a highly successful and established divorce attorney, you are well aware of the complex tax, benefits, and retirement issues that arise during divorce proceedings.

However, to fully leverage the short and long-term impact of dividing property, analyzing pension and retirement plans, understanding tax implications, creating realistic budgets, and evaluating different settlement scenarios, it’s important to have a deeper understanding.

This is where I, as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®) and experienced Financial Advisor, come in.

While attorneys like you are experts in the legal aspects of divorce, it’s not uncommon for the financial complexities to be less familiar territory. By partnering with a CDFA® or Financial Advisor, you can help ensure that the financial aspects of the divorce process are handled with precision and insight, allowing you to focus on the legal intricacies of building cases and negotiations. Together, our expertise and collaborative approach can create a formidable team for our clients.

One misconception is that a CDFA® or Financial Advisor is only needed in cases where there are significant assets or complex financial portfolios. However, the financial implications of divorce can affect individuals across all income levels. Even in seemingly straightforward cases, there are numerous financial considerations to address. This is where my expertise can be invaluable. From analyzing current and future spending needs to assessing the impact of different settlement scenarios, I am equipped to guide your clients through the financial intricacies of divorce, regardless of their financial situation.

Engaging a CDFA® or Financial Advisor also offers substantial cost savings for clients. Typically, the fees associated with financial advisory services are lower than those of attorneys. By partnering with me, not only will your clients receive comprehensive financial assistance, but they may also save money in the process.

I am passionate about helping women rebuild their lives after divorce. I understand that many women are not actively involved in household finances or decision-making, which often leaves them feeling unsure and embarrassed about their lack of knowledge. My mission is to empower these women by providing them with a better understanding of their financial situation and the tools to make informed decisions.

Throughout the divorce process, I can address critical questions that clients may have. Will they be able to stay in their home? What if they are not currently employed and relied on their ex-spouse as the primary breadwinner? How can they financially support their children in terms of daycare, education, and medical expenses? Will financial needs be met after the divorce? And perhaps most importantly, will their divorce settlement be fair and equitable?

With my expertise and dedication to helping women navigate the financial challenges of divorce, I am confident that together we can provide the support and guidance your clients need. By leveraging my knowledge and your legal expertise, we can empower individuals to make sound financial decisions, protect their interests, and achieve stability and security as they transition into a new chapter of their lives. In your line of work, you understand the importance of providing comprehensive support to your clients. By partnering with a CDFA® or Financial Advisor like me, you can ensure that the financial aspects of divorce are handled with expertise and precision. I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you, leveraging our respective strengths and expertise to empower our clients and plan for their financial well-being

Published 4/4/2024