Headshot of Barb Ruegsegger

Barb Ruegsegger

Senior Relationship Manager

Meet Barb, a familiar face who rejoined the Legacy Financial Group family in 2021, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to her role. Barb’s journey with the firm began over 19 years ago when she played a pivotal role in building Bill Elson’s financial planning practice. After a brief hiatus, during which she gained experience at a legal firm, she returned to her true calling, armed with a strong foundation in numbers, organization, and client relations.

Barb is known for her exceptional attention to detail and her unwavering commitment to putting clients first. Her client-focused approach ensures that every aspect of their financial journey is meticulously cared for. She’s not just about numbers; she’s about building meaningful and lasting relationships with those she serves. Reconnecting with old friends and establishing new client relationships at Legacy Financial Group is a source of great excitement for her.

As a Southeast Polk graduate, Barb has deep roots in the local community. She shares her life with her husband, Craig, and together they have a grown daughter named Anna. In her well-deserved spare time, Barb unleashes her creativity through crafting beautiful cards and other paper crafts in her dedicated “stamp room” at home. She finds solace in assembling intricate puzzles, tending to her flourishing flower beds, and making her home a haven of comfort and style. Barb is also a culinary enthusiast, and if you ever get the chance, ask her about her adventure in learning to make pies in the historic American Gothic house in Eldon.

In summary, Barb’s journey with Legacy Financial Group is marked by her commitment to clients and her meticulous attention to detail. Her reentry into the Legacy family is a testament to her enduring passion for financial planning and her desire to build strong client relationships. Beyond her professional expertise, Barb’s creative and culinary pursuits reflect her multifaceted approach to life, always adding a touch of beauty and warmth to everything she does.